The Big 2020 Season Review


Lewis Hamilton
What more is there to say about Lewis Hamilton? In a record breaking season where not only did he match Schumacher’s 7 world titles, but surpassed his total wins, Hamilton is on top of the world. Can anyone match him? Certainly not in 2020! Consistently outperforming his teammate Bottas and clinching the title several races before the end of the season, how can I give him anything less than 10/10?
Driver Rating: 10/10

Valtteri Bottas
It has been a rough season for Bottas, and lets be honest, when your teammate is Hamilton it was always going to be. Overall, I didn’t actually think he had a bad season. If you consider that he’s a number 2 driver in the team then he did his job perfectly, coming second in the drivers championship and consistently getting onto the podium and fighting at the top. However, he never really mounted a challenge to Hamilton’s dominance
Driver Rating: 7.5/10

Red Bull Racing

Max Verstappen
What a season Max Verstappen has had, in terms of talent I would put him up there with Hamilton. He has been the only driver to challenge the Mercedes duo this season, being the only non Mercedes powered car to get a pole position, grabbed a couple race wins and was agonisingly close to getting second in the drivers championship.
Driver Rating: 9/10

Alex Albon
Unfortunately for Albon he has never really progressed in the Red Bull car for 2020, he has been outperformed by Verstappen throughout the whole season, resulting in Perez replacing him for the next season. He has had a few podiums (although it can be argued that they were lucky) and has shown some brief moments of brilliance, but unfortunately it was not really enough to save him.
Driver Rating: 4/10


Carlos Sainz
Sainz has really proved himself this year. What has really impressed me is that he is been a reliable points scorer for McLaren across two seasons now. He managed to get his second podium at Monza, and if there were just a few laps more, he could have potentially won the race. Great teamwork between him and Norris and I strongly believe he will be a great fit for Ferrari next season.
Driver Rating: 7.5/10

Lando Norris
Norris has had a very solid 2020, getting his first F1 podium and getting 3rd in the constructors championship, you could say this is his breakout season. Him and Sainz have worked brilliantly as a team and it is that great driver balance and teamwork which has got them 3rd in the constructors. He has performed consistently and him and Ricciardo will be an interesting duo next season.
Driver Rating: 7/10

Racing Point

Sergio Perez
What a season Perez has had! In what could have been his last season in F1, he put on a show and won himself a second lifeline at Red Bull. Coming 4th in the drivers championship and winning his first race is an incredible achievement. And if it were not for reliability issues he could have done so much more as well. A brilliant season from Perez and I am really excited to see what he can do in the Red Bull next year.
Driver Rating: 8.5/10

Lance Stroll
Lance Stroll has had a few good moments this season, his pole position in Turkey was incredible and he has found himself on the podium a few times as well. But he has been blown out the water by his teammate Perez. It’s astounding to consider that Perez missed two races and still has 50 more points than him. I think Stroll really needs to push on a bit next season and prove that he deserves a seat in F1 and isn’t just there to bring in money.
Driver Rating: 6.5/10


Daniel Ricciardo
After a difficult first season at Renault, Ricciardo reminded us this season how great of a driver he really is. Managing to get two podiums this season was incredibly impressive, but what is more impressive, is coming 5th in the drivers championship in that Renault. In a way it is a shame to see him leave Renault when he has finally found his feet there, but I have a hunch that the McLaren team is going to be very competitive in 2021.
Driver Rating: 8/10

Esteban Ocon
I have been a bit disappointed with Ocon this season, he was great for Racing Point a few years ago, but his return to the sport was not the grand resurgence I was hoping for. Although, he did manage to grab a very impressive podium in a very messy Sakihr grand prix. But overall, compared with what he has achieved before, it has been a bit of a let down.
Driver Rating: 5.5/10


Sebastian Vettel
2020 is a season to forget for Vettel. Having his departure from Ferrari announced very early, he never really looked comfortable in the car. Perhaps his departure from the team had a knock on effect on his performances, but he never looked like the world champion he is. I really hope things go better for him next season at Aston Martin.
Driver Rating: 3.5/10

Charles Leclerc
Considering Leclerc was driving in what we can only describe as a sub par car, I don’t actually think Leclerc had a terrible season. He has had some really good qualifying sessions and to end up 8th in the drivers championship is pretty impressive. Could it be argued that the Ferrari is more tuned towards Charles now? Sure! But it doesn’t take away the fact that he has pushed it to its limits.
Driver Rating: 7/10


Pierre Gasly
Gasly really found himself this season. He comfortably took the lead role in that team and managed to put that AlphaTauri in places people believed it didn’t belong. Obviously the standout moment was the win at Monza, which was probably my favourite race of the season. He looks to be the driver Red Bull wanted him to be when they first promoted him and if he keeps going the way he is, he will surely get another chance in a big team.
Driver Rating: 8/10

Daniil Kvyat
A pretty average season from Kvyat. He has had a few good performances throughout the year but has not really shown anything too convincing, which is why I think he is being replaced by Yuki Tsunoda. Unfortunately he hasn’t really done anything to show that he deserves that seat!
Driver Rating: 5/10

Alfa Romeo

Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi didn’t have the greatest of seasons, for someone who has a world championship and driven for competitive teams throughout his career, you kind of get the feeling his heart isn’t really in the sport anymore. He has had a few moments of brilliance where his talent has shone through, but I do have to say I was a bit disappointed when they announced his re-signing, it doesn’t really feel like an attempt to take a step forwards anymore. But overall an average season from someone who doesn’t really care anymore.
Driver Rating: 5/10

Antonio Giovinazzi
Giovinazzi has had a pretty standard season really, hasn’t done anything spectacular but hasn’t really done anything too wrong either. He has had some fantastic starts and scored some points early on in the season, but nothing really to shout home about.
Driver Rating: 5/10


Romain Grosjean
There is only one thing to really say about Grosjean, and that is thank god he walked away from that accident pretty much unscathed. That very fact probably means that he has had the best season out of all the drivers. In terms of his actual driving, again, he hasn’t really done anything incredible and leaves the sport after a very good stint.
Driver Rating: 6.5/10

Kevin Magnussen
It has been a difficult season for both Haas drivers. It is perhaps the worst car the team has produced in the last few years and neither driver has looked particularly great. It is unfortunate to see him leave F1. But like others leaving the sport, he hasn’t really done anything to earn his place.
Driver Rating: 5/10


George Russell
For me this has been Russell’s breakout season, he has really put himself at the forefront of the big teams minds. He has consistently qualified the Williams car far above its capabilities, he has struggled in the races at times and has made some high profile mistakes (namely the one at Imola). He also got his chance to showcase his skills in the Mercerdes, and if it were not for some uncharacteristic mistakes from the team, he would have probably walked away with his first win.
Driver Rating: 7.5/10

Nicholas Latifi
Latifi has had a bit of a unnoteworthy season, throughout the whole year he has pretty much just been Russell’s teammate. But I didn’t really expect much more from him to be honest, we all know why he has the seat and the machinery he is in isn’t going to make it any better.
Driver Rating: 4.5/10

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